Perhaps this corporate blogging thing is working…

This is from a post just added by a senior developer:

    Whenever any of the Windows variant functions encounter a 64bit number (I8 in variant parlance),
    you get a runtime exception. That would be the functions VariantInit, VariantClear and
    VariantCopy. Perhaps we could find a way of upgrading these functions in Windows 2000, frankly
    I'm happy to give up.

He’s talking about out pain in supporting I8 (i.e. 64 bit) numbers with variants on Windows 2000. You could make him very happy by suggesting a solution… Heck, he might even see some value in the blog.

Oh, and apparently I’ll get a magnum of Australian red wine for finding the answer. All’s fair, if I win the wine with your answer, I’ll Fedex it to you…