Papal wackamole

So, the Pope died a couple of weeks ago. Which is sad and all. I was surprised to note that they tell if the Pope is dead by calling his name three times and then wacking him on the head with a ceremonial silver hammer.

There is only one conclusion which can be come to. The world needs a Papal wackamole game… I’ve suggested this to a few people recently, and finally the web master at work had the time to do something about it.

It is with great pride that I therefore present Papal wackamole.

(It should be noted that I am not a Catholic, have nothing against Catholics, and don’t intend any offence. It’s more of a training resource for future Cardinally Papal employee types. My paster also assured me last time I fixed his machine that it was strictly impossible for me to go to hell, as I have been a good PC fixing kinda guy.)

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