I gave a talk at the Canberra Linux User’s Group (CLUG) meeting tonight. I have made the slides used for the talk available here. I have also editted the slides to include some idea of the commentary that I gave with the slides.

The slides cover topics such as what is Panda, what is PDF, directions for Panda development, and some simple sample code.
For reference, the original slides, as shown on the screen are also online…

Panda 0.2.2 man pages now on the web

The Panda 0.2.2 man pages are now available on the web in nicely formatted HTML. These might eb of interest to those programming on a machine without man installed (Windows perhaps), or those who are just interested in seeing what sort of documentation the library has.

The following pages are available:

  • checkinfo (3)
  • initpanda (3)
  • makedate (3)
  • nowdate (3)
  • panda-textmodes(3)
  • panda-xobjectmodes (3)
  • pdfclose (3)
  • pdfopen (3)
  • pdfpage (3)
  • setauthor (3)
  • setcharacterspacing (3)
  • setcreator (3)
  • setfont (3)
  • setfontmode (3)
  • setfontsize (3)
  • sethorizontalscaling (3)
  • setkeywords (3)
  • setleading (3)
  • setsubject (3)
  • settitle (3)
  • setwordspacing (3)

  • Panda Name Conflict!

    It has come to my attention that sourceforge is hosting another project with the name Panda. To make it worse, they are developing a library with
    the name libpanda. This will cause problems for people who are trying to use both products at the same time. I am currently trying to resolve this problem, and will let y’all know the o

    (1 November 2000) This has now been resolved as the Source Forge folk have chosen to reassign the name to me… I have also agreed to provide a link to the other project.