A new version of the PDF specification?

I have just been looking at the Adobe website and have noticed that there is a new version of the PDF specification available. This version is 1.3 edition II, but the brief examination that I have given it shows that the document has chnaged a fair bit. It would appear that there is a lot more content in it, and the order of information is different. Hopefully they have also fixed some of the bugs evident in version 1.3… If I find anything of interest, then I will post a report here.

Panda 0.1

Panda is a GPL‘ed
PDF generation library. This version is the initial release, and it only
builds simple hello world PDFs. Updates will be posted here as they are

The library provides a ANSI stdio.h style interface, which hides many
of the complexities of the PDF document format without reducing the power
of the developer.