Over-analysed Friday comments on Half Nekkid Thursday

So, Half Nekkid Thursday was introduced to me by Ian, who happens to be some sort of manager of me or something. It’s pretty hard to take a manager who spends more time looking like this:

Than the pointed haired boss. I really think the big innovation at work recently was the Balinese hot tub in the break out area. Don’t have one at Microsoft, Red Hat or Novell? How can you possibly hope to keep up with us?

Anyways, Ian pointed a this half nekkid post:

Now, it should be pointed out that this transformation is completely reversible. I know. I wrote the code to do it today.

I am however too polite to post the mostly naked lady to the Interweb.

Now, to roll into a different tangent for a second, I picked up my new camera on Wednesday, and the first thing I saw when I went to ANU to do some PhD stuff was my mate Steven. Naked. At his desk. And I had a camera in my hand. So, here’s the transformed version of totally naked Steven (except for shoes) with my new camera:

Code online soon. Maybe.

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