On delegation and event running

When I was in year 12, an disconcerting decade ago, I ran the year 12 revue theatrical thingie. Being young and fairly dump, I didn’t delegate much to anyone, which was mainly a combination of trust (or lack thereof) and a commensurate lack of experience.

It’s interesting to look at LCA this year, where basically everything is delegated… I’m in fact not aware of anything that Steven is directly responsible for. He’s more the connector who holds the rest of us together.

It works well. The secret is to have a group of people you trust running the event, which is of course the hard part. I must say that Steven seems to have lucked out with the group of people he has helping him this year… There’s no one on the committee I don’t trust, and we all appear to be doing our jobs.

Anyways, what’s my point? Management lesson 101 — find people to delegate to that you trust, and then delegate everything you possibly can. then sit back and take the glory like a good manager.

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