Oh, and I should stop and smell the roses more

Further to my new year’s resolution post, I also propose the following, which I forgot last time because of the ill considered nature of the post (ten minutes thinking and all that):

  • Dog food more: TRIM is actually kinda cool. I’ve spent some time in the last few weeks registering a bunch of paper that used to be on shelves in my garage and then boxing it. Now, I have lots of free shelving, a neat pile of boxes, and know where everything is for once. It’s very cool. Along the way I’ve learnt a lot about our product too.
  • I should stop and smell the roses more: it occurs to me that each day is one less day I have on this earth. I should therefore try hard to enjoy each day, even if it’s simple things like driving to work a different way each day, taking more photos, or spending more time with people I like.