New Zealand!?!

Yesterday was one of those days when you wake up in your home town, expect to go to sleep in your home town, but end up in a foreign country for an undetermined amount of time at two hours notice.

I’m in Wellington. In New Zealand. Not Canberra in Australia. Which is a little odd. Why? Well, I’m currently working on finalizing the beta program for the TRIM Connectivity Toolkit, which is our .NET Web Service interface to the TRIMSDK, and one of our better partners (a contender for best partner world wide I would suspect) is having some pain with getting things to work in their particularly ambitious time line.

Ultimately the web service product will be better if we can resolve the issues they’re valid, and it will be good for TOWER as well. It happens to help them out as well, but as a product engineer I try to focus on the future of the product more than the fate of a single site. When that site is indicative of what the rest of the world is likely to do however, they become very interesting indeed.

The beta program also explains why I haven’t posted at all this week. Let’s just summaries that I’m a little busy…