My day is starting to look up… A victim!

<jdub> mikal!
<jdub> dude
<mikal> jdub: Dude!
<jdub> mikal: i noticed you had usb dumps of an icm* device
being used
<mikal> jdub: yeppo. a $US 15 camera from Changi airport...
<mikal> jdub: you got one?
<jdub> it seems i do ;)
<mikal> jdub: cool... a tiny little camera with a light on it
about the size of a finger?
<jdub> naw, probably a different brand
<mikal> jdub: interesting... where did you get it?
<jdub> it is nice and small though
<jdub> mikal: at jaycar
<mikal> jdub: can you post a picture of it?
<jdub> mikal: i'm wondering whether to take it back or if it has
useful play value
<jdub> mikal: no, because it *is* the camera... ;)
<mikal> jdub: I'm not aware of a driver for Linux, but I am aware
of a PhD application which said I should write one... ;)
<jdub> mikal: ha ha
<mikal> jdub: you think I'm joking?
<jdub> mikal: i'm laughing because i know it's very unlikely that
you'd be joking ;-)
<jdub> (evidence of cheeky buggery.)
<mikal> jdub: I've even got a ANU grant to buy toys to help me
persue writing your camera driver. hence the questions about where I
can acquire more of the things...
<mikal> jdub: and I of course need to work out what the hell I am
talking about now... the USB stack is scary.
<jdub> mikal: so i should keep this to be your guinea pig?
<mikal> jdub: yeah, sure... Could you give me a URL to the
jaycar listing? I can't find it...
<mikal> jdub: But I'm a bit of a slacker, so it might take the
full 8 years of my PhD :)
<bob2> mikal: dude, you have 8 years
<bob2> mikal: it'd be irespsonsibel to NOT write a webcam driver
<mikal> jdub: while you're waiting, would you like to try my
caching userspace filesystem?
<jdub> mikal: QC3225
<mikal> jdub: it's only got one bug that I know of...
<jdub> mikal: is it written in shell?
<mikal> bob2: yes, it's actually part of all PhD programs to
write at least one driver during your stay at the uni
<bob2> excellent.
<mikal> jdub: no, but I could come up with a shim layer in C
which would let it be if you would like
* bob2 votes mikal off the island
<jdub> that's okay, i'll survive for now
<mikal> ahhh, another bob2 fooled
<mikal> jdub: you sure? the driver makes mounting really slow
remote filesystems a fair bit nicer...
<jdub> you're doing a phd on usb? ;-)
* mikal goes into hard sell
<bob2> another bob2 bites the dust!
<jdub> mikal: easy to build?
<jdub> i think i have a source tree here
<mikal> jdub: it uses FUSE... Just type ./configure; make; make
install and trust me...
<jdub> mikal: Bus 003 Device 002: ID 0923:010f IC Media Corp. SIIG MobileCam
<mikal> jdub: my PhD application --
<jdub> it's going to be EVIL, right?
<mikal> jdub: that looks the same as mine, but I'll need to check when I get home
<mikal> of course
<jdub> mikal: oh, elite
* mikal hopes he's one day cool enough to be interviewed for a magazine at a LCA
<jdub> mikal: that sounds like fun
<mikal> jdub: that's the idea -- give myself enough rope to hang
myself whilst having some fun