Most novel traffic jam cause goes to… Canberra!

I was driving to work today down Canberra’s most major arterial road, the Tuggeranong Parkway. From about five kilometres away I could see a big blue hot air balloon really close to the road. I initially did a double take to be honest, but it wasn’t that out of place given that Canberra in March and April is the hot air balloon capital of the universe, and that the lake the balloonists like doing their thing over is only a few hundred meters away from the road.

As I got closer, it became clear that the balloon was only off the road by about five meters, which isn’t all that far when you consider that most of the cars going past it were doing about 110 kilometres an hour. The occupants of the balloon were frantically trying to pack up the balloon, which probably had something to do with the traffic, and something to do with the trees that the balloon was tangled in.

On my side of the road, there was a traffic jam for about 200 meters when I was there. It was funny — about ten meters after the balloon traffic cleared again. Apparently about ten minutes later when a work mate tried to drive through the traffic jam spread for more like the five kilometres I originally covered from my first sighting.

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