Monday 22 January

Back from LCA. The world in Canberra hasn’t changed much. People don’t seem to be rushing forward to offer assistance for the running of next years LCA in Canberra. I guess I’ll just wait and see who comes out of the wood work this week before I make a decision either way.

Worked a lot on Panda today — it pretty much has a full set of line drawing options now (these will be released in 0.4 sometime real soon now). I just have to work out what the story is with the fills, which don’t seem to work at the moment. I also spent a small amount of time looking at the man pages for zlib, because they have been on the TODO list for way too long.

Dug a few holes in the back garden as well. I have a space out the back that I want to put a pergola on, but before I can do that I need to lay some concrete, and before I can do that I need to run the pipes for the inground watering once and for all. So I spent a lot of today digging trenches for the plumbing.

Tridge seemed real keen on FreeCIV, so I have downloaded it and will give it a try. Another good idea I got from LCA is inline docbook documentation for Panda, which I have also started playing with.

Overall, a fairly productive day.