Microsoft recruiter makes a good point

A Microsoft recruiter makes a good point:

“My latest tirade revolves around Hiring Managers (and Im referring to Microsoft Hiring Managers but I know this problem exists in other companies) not getting the talent landscape. Not only do they not seem to understand that brilliant software engineers don’t grow on trees (you don’t, do you?) but they cant seem to get it through their heads that 1) Microsoft isn’t the only place hiring, 2) Working at a big company isn’t everyones dream, and 3) Redmond is not the first place people say they want to move when they wake up in the morning. (Unfortunately, I don’t think the slogan .Where do you want to go today? Redmond, of course! would fly.)

So I guess Ive just been really tired of (pardon my bluntness) the entitled, spoiled whiners lately. So much that its made me question my desire to continue working in a Recruiting function for this company. I don’t know how many times I can have the same conversation like, yes, is a one place to search for candidates but its not the only place, and no, Mr. Hiring Manager, you don’t need your own account. We’ve got it covered. Thanks though.

Quite honestly (maybe here is where my tirade kicks in), Im sick and tired of the Hiring Managers around here not trusting their recruiters. Hi there news flash. Guess what? I probably have a higher IQ than you (yes, I just went there), and I get it. Trust me. They pay me the big bucks to be an expert on hiring for the company. You do your job; Ill do mine. Plus, you don’t see me getting in your business every time some Microsoft program crashes on me, do you?”

I think there’s a lot to be said for trusting the people delegated with knowledge of a certain problem space. Us engineers tend to be pretty angry when people without technical knowledge tell us what code to write. Sure tell us what you need, but don’t tell us how to write each line. We’ll get back to you with a suggestion which you can ok. You wouldn’t for instance tell your mechanic how to change a tyre — you just trust them to get the job done.

Then again Mini-microsoft argues that if you can’t hire exactly the right person for a job, don’t hire anyone.

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