Microsoft now requiring a valid version of Windows to install their anti spy-ware beta?

I’ve installed Microsoft’s beta anti spy-ware tool on a number of machines before, and I just had a need to install it on one of my own machines. I have Windows on my laptop you see, and I needed to boot into Windows for some work I am doing at the moment — this is fairly rare, but I still figured that I should run Windows Update, the virus checker update and install the anti spy-ware thingie while I was there.

This time I had to lean under the machine and write down the Windows product key before the installer would work. At least the validation process worked in Firefox.

Does Microsoft think that stolen copies of Windows don’t get infected with spy-ware or something? It doesn’t make the licensed Windows user’s life any better if they’re still surrounded by infected machines trying to hammer them. Surely the solution is a universal one, rather than something more exclusive?

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