Microsoft Natural Keyboard vs Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro

I love natural keyboards (those ones with the funny split in the middle). I’ve been using a Microsoft natural keyboard for the last two years or so (after a bout of RSI or whatever it’s called this week forced me to relearn how to type). They’re ok, although there doesn’t seem to be a wireless option, or one which does USB, which have been annoying factors recently. Especially when my new machine didn’t have any PS2 shaped holes in the case.

Anyways, my reward for asking for a virus scanner update at work was a new Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo. It’s wireless. It’s natural. It’s USB. It’s great. I have a new favorite keyboard. the multimedia keys even work with iTunes (which isn’t true of the MS keyboard).

Even better! No function lock key!

Microsoft — USB is a spec you wrote! Get on with it!