Long time not much write

I haven’t written much in the last couple of months, but I have good excuses. Mainly, its a combination of joining a new team at work (its cool, but I’d have to kill you), playing with some cool toys, developing a new personal obsession, Andrew starting school, and not having much to say.

To make up for this, I give you a picture of me bowling last Friday:

I’ll also give you a sneak peek at that new personal obsession:

“There is little data on the relative popularity of the various
available SMTP server implementations. This data is of
interest because it aids the development of systems which
interact with these servers. For example, a potential DDoS
protection system should be tested with the most common
SMTP servers, as these are the ones that it is most likely to
encounter in everyday use.

This poster will describe our efforts to measure the deployment of SMTP servers on the Internet, using a combination
of passive observation of email traffic, as well as active probing of SMTP servers. A description of the methodology is
provided, as well as early results.”

That’s part of my poster proposal for LISA 2007 which I will be attending.