Lindsay googles for herself

Lindsay, it’s called ego surfing when you google for yourself. It’s a slippery slope — soon you’ll be caring what other people think or something.

Another element of why I would google for people before hiring them occurred to me while driving around running errands during lunch today. Basically it’s a check for social interactions in a relevant community. If I had to chose between two equally qualified people, one of whom I could see what on mailing lists, forums, blogging, somehow involved with the community around their industry, then I would chose them over the simple nine to fiver. I want someone who loves what they do, and you get that by finding someone who is passionate about the field.

I’d also be checking to make sure they weren’t ranty or evil in some way of course.

This possible doesn’t work for all fields though. Is there an online community of receptionists?

Lindsay, I’d be making sure that you’re leaving a good impression behind you, and showing enthusiasm. Apart from that, it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing online. The more the merrier of course.

Lindsay also says:

    “Now, the problem of “write something stupid on your blog and it may come back to haunt you” seems to arise only because *some* people are making an assumption of privacy. That if one’s blog is read at all it’s read by an anonymous crowd, whom the writer will never know.”

So true. You’d have to be pretty silly to assume that only your friends read your blog. As I sometimes tell people who are being foolish on public mailing lists — google has a long memory.

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