I had a little spare time the other day (which is relatively rare for me at the moment — we’re set to have a major release of the product I work on in the next couple of weeks and that’s been taking a lot of attention recently). So I thought that I should have a play with libusb and see what the story is. Where to start? Well, as someone who has never used the library before, it was a little unfriendly.

Google reports this tutorial on the front page of the search I did, and it’s a little help. The project homepage at SourceForge is extremely terse. Debian has a package for 0.1.8, so I installed that. If you look in /usr/local/share/doc/libusb-dev, you get the documentation which is on the libusb website.

If you look at the CVS repository, basically the only thing which has changed in the last nine months is a include error. Even the website for libusb says that it’s early alpha.

Even better, the articles from Linux Journal that used to cover this stuff are now not available for free on the web.

I give up for now.