Libjpeg for Win32

People have also been telling me that they are having trouble compiling libjpeg for win32 platforms. Here it is…

The version is available:

  • libjpeg.lib (6b)

    You’ll also need the include files, which are:

  • cderror.h
  • cdjpeg.h
  • jchuff.h
  • jconfig.h
  • jdct.h
  • jdhuff.h
  • jerror.h
  • jinclude.h
  • jmemsys.h
  • jmorecfg.h
  • jpegint.h
  • jpeglib.h
  • jversion.h
  • transupp.h

    There also also some handy tools, which are:

  • cjpeg.exe
  • djpeg.exe
  • jpegtran.exe
  • rdjpgcom.exe
  • wrjpgcom.exe

    The instructions for how to compile the library are as follows:

  • Uncompress the libjpeg distibution
  • Change into the jpeg-6b directory
  • Rename to jconfig.h
  • nmake /f all
  • Done!

    All of this is also available as one big .zip file, as well as a gzipped tarball (both of which WinZip can open).