LCA2004: 12 January 2004

Mon Jan 12 10:44:09 EST 2004

There were a surprising number of people registering for the conference at 8am this morning. The Open Source in Government mimi-conference (which is the one I am registered at) probably has about 100 people in attendance. Most interesting of all is that about half of the speakers appear to be politicians describing how cool they think open source is, and how their party wants to go in that direction… Very satisfying.

We found a better route to the university, so the advertised 10 minute walk isn’t a big lie after all.

Mon Jan 12 23:46:46 EST 2004

Out to dinner at a nice Chinese place… The audio miniconf jam was taking a lot longer to setup than expected, as the venue didn’t take their kind of audio cable. In the end we wandered off the get food.

Linus was spotted wandering around today, but wasn’t getting mobbed or anything which was nice. I asked him about the photos of Andrew he took last year, but he doesn’t have access to them remotely. I must remember to mail him sometime to talk about them.

I took some photos today, if you happen to accidentally care.