LCA kernel hacking tutorial homework

Michael Davies is excited about the kernel hacking tutorial at LCA… Hopefully he’ll have done his homework:

Please do some preparation if you are attending the Kernel Hacking Tutorial

If you are planning on attending the Linux Kernel Hacking Tutorial, you will need to bring a laptop, which has been prepared with the source code, and emulator. These are available at . The
preparation depends on some Linux experience: if you have trouble with the preparations, you will have even more trouble in the tutorial, so I suggest  Rasmus’ excellent session next door.

If you have not done the preparation, we will not wait for you!

So yes there is some homework, however this should make the tutorial more interesting and rewarding for you, if you do the preparation for the tutorial you will get a lot more out of the day. Anyone whining in the tutorial that they are not ready or do not know how to use ‘make’ will be ignored or possibly even made fun of (Rusty likes a good scapegoat for the easy humour points that can be accrued)