Is there a Western Whitehouse?

I was watching the Agency the other day (the first series, the second hasn’t been aired in Australia yet), and they made a reference to evacuating the President from Washington DC because of an anthrax scare. Where did they send him? The Western Whitehouse. This made me curious as to if there is such a place, so a Googling I will go.

One of the first places I can across described the Western Whitehouse thusly:

The Western White House is the private ranch home of President and Mrs. George W. Bush. Located in the remote, charming hamlet of Crawford, Texas, the Western White House is a modest and photogenic reflection of the Bush family’s folksy, down-home authenticity. Completed in 1999, the Western White House was designed by President Bush himself, and is notable for its patriotic and evocative melding of architectural highlights from Baptist prayer halls, medium security penitentiaries, and antebellum tobacco plantations.

Medium security penitentiary? I’ve clearly found a definitive, unbiased source here. One of the next sites I found was willing to share this with me:

We’re proud to be the world’s link to Crawford, Texas, home of the Western White House. We are working hard to bring you up-to-the-minute information about President Bush’s visits to Crawford, his international visitors, the Crawford community, and some outstanding photos.

They seem disproportionately happy with Bush being reelected in 2004, so they’re not really unbiased either.

So, in conclusion, yes there is a Western Whitehouse (or is it white house). It’s the Bush’s mansion in Crawford, Texas, and not actual government property.

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