Information overload

Darren Neimke comments on William Luu’s thoughts on information overload. The thread goes something like:

    “I guess you could say the Robert Scoble is insane reading in excess
    of 1000 blogs.”

To which Darren says:

    “My response to a question such as this is… when do you suppose that Mr. Scoble does this activity? Does he do this on top of a job description which looks like yours or mine for example?”

This is an interesting topic. Really what we’re talking about is information overload… It used to be that I couldn’t keep up with email. Interestingly that’s not really the case any more. Now I just can’t keep up with my blogs instead. How do I deal with this? A real quick scan through the changed items each morning (there are usually about 300), and then marking the interesting ones with a flag so I can come back to them later to actually read.

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