In Seattle,

Well, I’m over here now, and nothing untoward has happened. There have been no explosions, nor pied penguins, which is a shame I suppose in one sense. I guess there’s time for me to be murdered horribly later in the week though.

So far, having only flow, spent a little time in my room, and eaten dinner, I can say that there is nothing to fault Microsoft’s hospitality. They arranged a hire car with GPS navigation which means I got here alive, they arranged a very nice hotel with quite nice staff, and the staff at the hotel even know what Microsoft is covering (much better than me). That appears to be basically everything I think it likely, except alcohol. Not that I feel like any at the moment after over 24 hours of travelling.

The same cannot be said of Qantas, INS, or Alaska Airlines however. The Qantas Sydney to LA flight left two hours later because of two bent pins on a connector (apparently causing exploding cards on their on board computer — there’s an explosion!), the plane was way too hot for the first hour or so (I estimate over 40 degrees Celsius to be honest), but apart from that Qantas did ok. I must say they’re still the best airline I’ve flown with. The INS got confused when I said yes to the “”seeking employment” question on the visa waiver, but we sorted it out in the end after about and hour. Finally, Alaska didn’t have any staff in the airport to tell me which gate to go to, so the flight connection was a bit tight.

I shouldn’t complain. Overall it was about as crap as all the other international economy trips I have done. I’m sure someone will one day pay for me to fly business class… It is after all a 14.5 hour flight to LA from Sydney. Anyways, jet lagged little me is going to go and laze away on the bed with his red licorice now.

Thought for the day — I just noticed that the way I phrase sentences changes when I talk to Americans. Interesting.

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