How Microsoft can encourage Tablet PC applications, and therefore platform adoption

Steve Rubel via Robert Scoble states:

    “What Microsoft needs to do here, Robert, is find non-geek influencers who will frequently evangelize the platform to others both offline and online. Microsoft should immediately identify 500 – 1000 influential business bloggers who are big thinkers and give them free Tablet PCs systems to use.”

He is of course right, but not entirely. Those people also need the compelling applications to demo to the people around them. And they don’t need to all be bloggers either — all tech vendors need a way of indentifying the influential in the community, and finding out what meets their needs, and then helping them help others. So, I propose that first Microsoft find 50 developers (perhaps individual people, perhaps companies), and give them tablets to write apps on. I know I’d take one.

There’s precedent here — I know of companies who have been given hardware by Apple, and I know that Microsoft certainly gave away demo hardware for developers when Windows was younger.

So, here’s my proposal:

    Dear Santa Scoble,

    I’ve been a very good boy, and write quite a lot of code. I think you’d find I’m quite distracted by bright shiny objects, and would write less Linux specific code if I had a few devices to play on, learn about, and write compelling code for. I think I need a Tablet PC. Oh, and a Media Center. And a PocketPC with GPS (mine is too sucky to have GPS). I’ve got a SmartPhone, so don’t worry about that unless it’s better than an imate SmartPhone 2, which wouldn’t be very hard.

    Coal will not be accepted.

    I’ll be in Seattle next week, if that would make delivery easier.


Heh. I wonder if Microsoft even has a demo hardware budget these days? Does anyone?

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