Further impossibility of work in a cubicle

Chris refers to comments by Steven related to my comments about it being impossible to work in a cubicle environment. I’ve been noticing in the last few days that the situation is getting worse. I regularly wear headphones when I am working, which is apparently a signal not to disturb someone, and people just escalate the pain.

They knock on the desk. The cubicle walls. Me. They throw foam balls at my monitors (as in most cubicles my back faces the oncoming horde).

Ignoring them just makes them more intrusive.

I think the difference is that Chris works with a relatively small number of talented, relatively considerate people. Whilst I work with a bunch of people who honestly believe that what they want to talk to me about is the most important thing in the entire universe. I’m seriously considering working from home again. At least that way I can hopefully get some stuff done, and that’s with a two year old and a three year old at my feet.

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