Friday 1 June 2001

Hmmmmm. Telstra management in Melbourne should hurry up with the contract. I am pretty keen to get started on something new. I wonder if it is bad form to ring Leanne and let her know I am pretty keen?

GRUMPY. Greg Lehey has published the list of talks for AOSS 3 10 days before the abstract due date. I can understand that he wants to get the ball rolling, but I would have hoped that poeple would have been told if the abstracts were a case of first in best dressed. I had also warned him that I would like to talk. As it is, all of the talks are basically from IBM Canberra. Oh well, I guess it is one of those things. I will wait and see what happens. It certainly looks like there are fewer talks than last year, so perhaps there is room for me yet.

The other problem is because I am moving, it isn’t clear if I will have a laptop to present from at that point.

Still working on my Maths assignment, which is due today. I am drawing some comfort from that fact that the lecturer doesn’t seem to care when it actually comes to him (perhaps on Monday?), and that all I have to do is get a “satisfactory” mark. It certainly seems that the assignments are a lot harder than the exam and tests, which is the way it should be. I don’t want to take too long though, because I would like to gte as much study in for the exam as possible. I really need to at least pass this unit if I want to get into honours.

My todo list again:

  • Friday 1 June: Maths assignment due
  • Monday 4 June: Study for exams, resign my job
  • Thursday 7 June: CE3 exam
  • Monday 11 June: Study for exams, AOSS abstract due
  • Wednesday 13 June: Maths and DST exams
  • Friday 15 June: AUUG 2001 abstract due, ADDS II finished
  • Saturday 16 June: AOSS presentation (probably)
  • Monday 18 June: START WITH TELSTRA?

    Underlined means done today, and not shown in future lists.