Conference bags anyone?

So, I have on my TODO list to go off and talk to some merchandise vendors about conference bags. That makes me wonder — I go to a fair few conferences, and I almost never use the bags which come back from the conference, except to take stuff home from the conference itself. The big exception to that rule is the bag which came back from 2001 in Sydney which is a backpack with a Everything Linux logo on it. Andrew uses that one as a bag to take stuff to daycar in because it’s big enough for a change of clothes, lunch, nappies, and his asthma stuff. Am I a representative sample of the people out there who go to conferences?

If you are thinking about coming to 2005, what do you want in a conference bag, if anything? I have a few ideas that I’ll keep close to my chest for now so that people can be surprised, but I’ll factor in any feedback I get from folks out there. Let me know at (that’s my conference address, if you’re reading this in 100 years, then you should try me at

Do you even want a bag at all? Would you rather something else? What?