Comparison the PDF generation APIs

I have been doing some surfing and thought the following summary of the capability of the various PDF creation APIs might be useful to others. I see Panda having all of the functionality listed below as it becomes more mature over time. Where possible, I have indicated a timeframe in which implemenation might occur.

Feature Panda Stable Panda Future Adobe ClibPDF PDFLib UniSoft Imaging vividX
Images: GIF N Never          
Images: JPEG Y            
Images: PNG N 0.4          
Images: TIFF: Group 3 Fax 1D Y            
Images: TIFF: Group 3 Fax 2D Y            
Images: TIFF: Group 4 Fax Y            


  • GIF will never be supported by Panda because of the Patents associated with the LZW compression algorithm. The only exception to this would be if it was free to decompress LZW, and the data could then be written out as something else.