COMP3310 assignment two marking

So, I’ve spent a lovely couple of days marking the COMP 3310 assignment two submissions in my bundle. The assignment was to write a proxy for PostgresSQL (a relational database) in java. This proxy is to be used for firewalling of users from the database server, and access control list style control of what SQL commands a user is allowed to execute on the server. It was to be implemented in Java (I’ve never been a big fan of Java, I just don’t see the point in the language — I’m happy for you to try to convince me of it’s worth though).

So far I’ve only looked at part one, but here’s some things I expected people to have done:

  • The proxy to run without a configuration file using those defaults
  • A small simple select to work
  • The proxy to not crash if the user gives a bad password
  • A large select (5.5 million rows returned) to work
  • Three simultaneous large selects to work
  • The coding style used not to horrify me
  • Some form of commenting

That’s not everything, but it’s a set of hints however. I’ll let you know my thoughts about marking part 2 when I have some.