Commenting here, and Ian’s thoughts on Multimedia

Ian comments on my multimedia post.

    I haven’t got time to compose a beautiful blog article reply, so here is a quickie, feel free to blog it yaself if it’s relevant. Have you seen/used Windows Movie Maker? It is VERY good at taking a video stream, say free to air TV, and splitting it up into automatically into the separate clips. I have found that very useful for then just deleting the clips that are advertisements, and then concatenating the remaining ones into a single movie file sans-ads. Voila!

Ian has also asked for me to turn on commenting here recently. I initially thought it wasn’t possible, but I can do something involving statically generating the comment pages every time I approve a new comment. I need to do the moderation thing anyways, because I’m not interested in allowing comment spam. I already get so much referrer spam that I can’t show my referrer logs, so I’m not falling into that trap again.

Is anyone else interested in comments being turned on here?

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