Chicken run

I’ve spent the last couple of nights building a chicken run in the back yard. This was prompted mainly by a friend letting us know that they had too many chickens, and some of them being scheduled for execution. We figured we wanted some, and now I have to build something to house them. It’s funny though, Andrew’s favourite movie is chicken run, and his favourite food is chicken patties. He hasn’t put two and two together and come up with the fact that he is personally eating the entire Canberra population of his favourite animal one at a time. With tomato sauce, carrots and beans.

When we told him we were getting chickens, he said “and sauce carrots and beans”? So guess what we’re naming them? That’s right: Chicken; Sauce; Carrots; and Beans. Perhaps he’ll be traumatised. Perhaps not. It was only when we reminded him about the movie that he realised there are alive chickens as well.

When the chickens die or escape, I’m going to tell him they built a little plane and flew away to a life of luxury.

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