CCD Barcode Scanner

I just picked up a CCD barcode scanner cheaply on eBay. The plan is to use it to bulk enter a bunch of books into my book database. Many US books don’t have bookland barcodes, but instead have something which looks like this:

So, the barcode has no problems with the big barcode on the left, however it doesn’t recognize the little barcode on the right. So, does anyone know what format that little barcode is in? What mode do I need to put my barcode scanner into to get both barcodes read, either at the same time or individually?

Update: once again the Intern has earn his Intern-chow (or whatever it is he eats when he’s allowed out of his cage). The deal was I needed to scan the magic “make all possible barcode types work kthxbye” barcode in the book of exactly 1 billion configuration barcodes. It all works well now. I wont mention the Intern’s name, because I want to hire him and need more security through obscurity in my life.