Ongoing PandaLex development

Its been a long time since the last release of PandaLex. This is because I have been focussing more on Panda, apart from that I have been putting a fair bit of effort into getting the parser engine right.

The parser engine is nearly there. I have a test set of 2,347 test PDFs, of which PandaLex currently parses 2,320 correctly.

I’ll let you know when the next release is available…

Panda 0.4.1 Release

For some time people have been letting me know about memory leaks in Panda 0.4, and the missing windows.c file. These errors have been corrected in the Panda 0.4.1 release which I am now announcing.

Please note that there are still memory leaks to be fixed, and I am working on these now.

To download the new version, checkout the Panda download page.