Blog discoverability yet again

I’ve known Willian Luu for a while from the aus-dotnet mailing list, but he now comments on the thread I participated in with Robert Scoble. I think it’s interesting that people were asking how I could get more traffic, when I am actually happy with my current traffic level (about 500,000 hits a month, but who is counting?). I intended the discussion to be more theoretical than that, which some poeple have followed through on.

I’ve now linked to William, it will be interesting to see if my traffic levels go up, and if his do.

Looking back at that last bit, it’s a bit pathetic. It’s kinda like the Google version of comparing various macho measurements. Oh well. It’s interesting to me that I have posted here more in the last two days than I think I ever have before. Unfortunately not much of it has been technical. I will now go and meditate on something more technical in order to be able to rant in public again soon.