Australian Commonwealth Government expenditure on Microsoft product licensing

An email thread on the CLUG list got me curious about expenditure on Microsoft products by the Australian Commonwealth Government. It turns out the new Rudd government requires all departments to list all contracts over $100,000 on their website twice a year (admittedly I was tipped off to this by yet another mail thread, this one on the Link mailing list). So I dug through and pulled out the details. Note that where it wasn’t possible to determine what the expenditure was for I left it out — for example it seems many departments buy IT licenses from a reseller, and those are reported as lump sums. Sometimes I have included consulting services as well, which might not be 100% fair.

This only took about an hour to generate, which was much easier than I realized.

Department Expenditure Source URL
Parliament House $740,040 Source
Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Source
Attorney General’s $1,046,133
Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Source
Department of Defense $469,700
Source for Defense
Source for DMO
Education, Employment and Workplace Relations $4,500,000
Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts Source
Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
Finance and Deregulation Source
Foreign Affairs and Trade Source
Health and Ageing $340,560
Human Services Source
Immigration and Citizenship $2,149,930 Source
Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Source
Innovation, Industry, Science and Research $425,676
Prime Minister and Cabinet $543,000 Source
Resources, Energy and Tourism Source
The Tresury
Total: $35,080,973

As best as I can tell, that’s for a six month period. If correct, that would make the use of Microsoft software about a $70 million decision annually.