Another reason to dislike gmane

I just found this in one of my spam buckets:

    Michael Still <> writes:
    >> The June CLUG programmers SIG meeting is next Thursday night (10
    >> June 2004) at 7pm in room N101, on the ground floor of the Computer
    >> Science and Information Technology building at the ANU.
    How many people typically turn up?

This annoys be because I feel that gmane has no right to rewrite my email address like this. As the administrator of, I get a lot of dictionary attack email, which all gets marked as spam. Basically, any email delivered to me from an email address I don’t know about, is marked as spam.

I can’t think of any technically valid reason that gmane would want to be mangling my email address like this. If you’re wanting to email me. Use my real email address please.