Adventures in Blinis

The David Jones half yearly sale was on the other night, and my dad brought Catherine, the kids and I along like he normally does. It was probably the worst sale I’ve ever been to: things were really expensive; there wasn’t much discounted; and the vibe was all wrong. Anyways, it looked like we weren’t going to buy anything until I ended up in the pots and pans section. There I saw it. A thing of beauty. It was:

The Blinis Pan. What’s a Blinis Pan I hear you ask? Well I had no idea. The pan looked useful though — it is just the right size to cook the single egg that Matthew likes on his toast on a Sunday morning with a liberal serve to tomato sauce (called ketchup in the US for some reason). Anyways, the nice old lady rocks on up to me while I’m holding one of these pans and asks what a Blinis is. I tell I have no idea, but that I think the first stage in finding out is to catch a Blinis and skin it. She laughs and wanders off.

I can’t stand not knowing what a Blinis by now. It’s consuming me. I simply must know. So off to the counter I go. I ask Sarah, the lovely young lady who is staffing the counter. She has no idea. The other lady behind the counter (who has a few more miles on the clock) has no idea either, but tries to bluff with “it’s a bit like an egg, a bit like herbs and spices, and a bit like a fried nut”. She eventually admits to not knowing either.

We end up buying the pan, but I have to Google when I get home. Wikipedia to the rescue — a Blinis is an Anglicized version of a Russian word. It’s a traditional Russian mini pancake. Problem solved.

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