A tale of several Slashdottings

One of the things I do occasionally is have a it of a look see at my web traffic logs. It’s useful to know why people come here, what they’re looking for, and where they’re coming from. It is of course also an ego boost to know that a least a couple of people come here every now and then.

So, in chronological order let’s look at some Slashdottings I have data for…

In December 2003, on Christmas day in fact, my Linux penguin made out of fairy lights was Slashdotted. unfortunately the only data which survives from the machine that hosted this site at that time is the webalizer log output:

You can see that one metric December 2003 Slashdotting is around 290,000 hits. Ignoring the fact that the box gets traffic on other days, and that therefore not all of that traffic can be attributed to the Slashdotting.

Next, the linux.conf.au 2005 box was Slashdotted several times. Here’s the traffic log for the box from when it first went online to that last day of the conference. I’ll try to remember to update the graphs a few months after the conference when we decommission the machine.

Herm. Are Slashdottings getting more pathetic?

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