A pretty good day

Well, a pretty good day yesterday, all things considered. Got up a little bit earlier than normal at 5:15am (that’s about 45 minutes before normal), as Catherine and I had to get out the National Capital Private Hospital for Catherine’s operation. We got there by about 6:30am, and by 8:30 Catherine was being wheeled into the operating theatre, and I was on my way home.

Catherine had her gall bladder out because of gall stones. She’s the youngest person I’ve heard of needing the oepration, at a mere 24. We think she’s had them for a while too, as looking back we can spot symptoms years ago. The last couple of weeks have been interesting because she’s been in so much pain that she’s had troubles minding the children when I’ve been at work.

Went home and minded the kids all day by myself (I’ve so brave!). This was made a lot easier by the fact that the kids were really good for me. I’m very pleased with them.

Catherine rang when she woke up, and sounds fine. We visiting in the afternoon, and apart from being tired and having four incisions in her belly, she’s fine. Give her a couple of weeks, and she’ll be better than ever.

My archive of the aus-dotnet list got noticed by the list today. This has to be the funniest response. Note the employer in the last one.

The kids didn’t sleep as well as usual tonight, I suspect because mummy wsn’t here.