A mystery solved

For some time there has been a raging battle in the corridors of work. Heads have rolled, careers have been destroyed, and whingy complaints have been made. What has this battle been over?

Whether the white residue on the dishes when they come out of the washer is normal, safe (or unsafe), or an attempt my management to control our thoughts and crush our wills to live. Many hours have been spent on these issues.

It’s all be resolved now. The repair guy was in to work on other bits of the dish washer (it’s a major piece of infrastructure here, and involves a highly redundant design. Really, think of it more as a cluster — there’s raised flooring, forced cooling, and a tribe of gnomes to keep it running). It turns out that someone put dish washing liquid into the rinse aid orifice, and it’s become permanently clogged. Clogged enough to need the rise aid doodad to be replaced.

Mystery solved. Clearly management was trying to control our minds by clogging the rinse aid doodad.

(Yes, this post was a vain attempt a humour. No one has been fired over the dish washer. Until my boss reads this that is. Oh, but it does have forced air cooling.)

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