A mini-slashdotting

There are a few images on my site that cause people to have a wild uncontrollable desire to deep link. One of them is a picture of a rose, which I don’t actually think is my best work. Another is:

A user of British celebrity gossip site found this photo last night and used it in a forum post. When I went to bed the machine was serving a copy of the picture per second, and has now served 10,336 copies with that referrer. That’s the vast majority of the 10,949 requests for this file in the last week.

Sure, it’s not a slashdotting like a couple of Christmases ago to twinkle tux, but it’s still an interesting lesson in why unlimited traffic hosting is a good thing.

I should point out before it’s too late that the picture is of my oldest son Andrew, and was taken on a hot day in the botanic gardens when Andrew was teething. He’s chewing the bottle because it’s cold and hard, a common criteria for teething kids. Please don’t take my kids off me!

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