A day long meeting with a dude from Microsoft, and an essentially useless Slashdot

Yesterday was spent in a day long meeting with a dude from Microsoft Melbourne named Mark. He was nice, a lot nicer than most of the other people from Microsoft that I’ve me, who have always struck me as being overly compeditive. We had a good chat about web services and how to implement the one I am working on now.

Unfortunately, he recommended that using reflection on a COM object to emit code to run based on the users request was not a goer. Basically, it’s impossible to test well.

I’ve known in my heart of hearts for a while that it was going to have trouble flying, but it’s just such an elegant solution to the problem in hand. I would have meant a complete implementation would take about a thousand lines, and adapt automagically to new releases of the product with no effort on my part.

Instead it looks like we’ll go with the thousands of lines of generated code route, which is a shame, but a much lower risk strategy.

Lunch was at the First Floor, which was fantastic. The best bit is the architecture, which was like being in an artist’s impression of a warehouse. I can’t find any pictures of it online, and I didn’t have a camera with me, but if you’re in Canberra, it’s worth a look.

Is it just me, or is reading Slashdot on April the first essentially a complete waste of time?