A bit of a catch up on Seattle

I was waiting for my picture upload before I made this post about how Frank and I spent Saturday in Seattle. We wandered into the city, and decided to have a look around Pike market, before walking across town to the Space Needle (it’s easy to navigate to it, it’s kinda tall). After that we went up the needle, and I took heaps of photos of surrounding Seattle. I’m surprised that the city isn’t more built up — it’s kinda like a bigger Canberra, instead of being crowded and dirty like Sydney or Melbourne. All the vegetation here is really green too, except for the trees which are starting to change colour for the fall.

We spent the afternoon going on a “duck” tour of the town, which included a quick sail around the harbor. The highlight of that had to be taking a bunch of photos of the house featured in Sleepless in Seattle.

Finally, dinner in the food court, which featured a live blue grass band.

Photos here.