30 December 2003


One of those days when it’s hard to motivate myself. Three coffees for breakfast haven’t helped. I guess I’ll just plod along. It didn’t stop me from getting things done though — I finished my review of Just for fun for instance. You’ll have to wait for the next AUUGN to see what I think though.

RPM cheat sheet:

Cause I am bored…

  -i          install
  -U          upgrade (or install it not currently installed)
  -e          erase
  -v          verbose
  -h          display progress hash marks
  -V          verify an installed package
  -q          query for installed packages matching the specified search term
     -i          display lots of information about an installed package
     -p          display lots of information about a raw RPM file
     -l          list files owned by the packed
        -c          configuration files
        -d          documentation files
     -a          list all installed packages
     -f          who owns this file

  --force     force an installation
  --nodeps    don't care about dependancies when installing
  --checksig  check package integrity (uses GPG, you might need to import a public key)