29 July 2003


It looks like Andrew Morton might take my mandocs kernel patch. We shall see…

QA people

Why would you employ a QA person who believes it’s cool to not want to test parts of the product?

Satellite phones

Here I was thinking that Iridium was a thing of the past, and the head of the research and development section at work brings one in. It turns out that he’s going for a long driving holiday in the middle of the Australian desert, and feels that one of these things might be a good idea.

The user interface leaves a little to be desired — you have to have a clear sky for the phone to work, which in my case today meant going down into the car park, and walking about 50 meters away from the building. This means that if my boss is to collect voicemail, or even know that we’ve called, then he’ll need to go outside and turn the phone on.

He also spent a bunch of time thinking the phone didn’t work. That’s because many Iridium phones, including this one, have a GSM SIM card in the phone, and he had the phone set to prefer GSM over satellite — unfortunately his model (the Motorola 9505) doesn’t actually support the GSM option.

Despite having a SIM slot, a SIM installed, and having a bunch of GSM menu options. A bit weird that me thinks.

Anyways, so I got all of that sorted out, configured his voicemail, collected some voicemail, and then rang Catherine to prove that the phone works. That’s my experience with a satellite phone.