29 December 2002

Long time no write. Spent lots of time on family, and very little time on coding. Playing with code which can render PDF files to PNG bitmaps. Very cool. One day I might even finish it.

The regression test results for the pandalex PDF parser are as follows today:

2372 PDFs parsed:
segfault = 12
parse failed = 16
other fault = 0
ok = 2344

These are random PDFs pulled from everywhere I could find them. If you have interesting PDFs (especially from slightly odd generators such as Oracle, and Great Plains), then feel free to email them to me. The bigger the better (within reason).

It toook me a little while to realise that GNU time only has the GNU options if the binary name isn’t time. How buggered is that?

Another question on the debugging front. Why are there so many pages on the Internet (as documented by google), which have the abort man page, and therefore show up in a search for SIGABORT, but don’t discuss why you might be sent this signal? Do people really think it helps the world if they publish the Redhat man pages? I could understand if the manpages were a little harder to find, like some of the libtiff ones, but these are all stock things.