28 June 2003

In the words of the annoucement email:

    To:  linux-usb-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
    cc:  linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org
    Subject: [Announce] Linux command line Snoopy Pro logfile dumper
    I had two maths exams last week. This of course means that I had to find
    something to distract me. That thing was whipping up a SnoopyPro logfile
    dumper for the command line. This was motivated by generalised frustration
    with the SnoopyPro user interface.
    For those wondering, SnoopyPro is a Source Force hosted USB traffic dumper
    for Windows. It's useful when reverse engineering USB device drivers.
    This version of the dumper only implements the URB types which I
    immediately needed. Adding additional URBs isn't hard, but I didn't have
    any samples. Feel free to mail me usblogs, and I'll add them to the
    The only really cool feature in this version is that it implements
    "repeated URB sequence suppression", so if the Windows driver says to the
    USB device "hey, you still there" every second for 60 seconds, and there
    is no other traffic between the machine and that device, then the output
    will only show one of those interactions, and let you know it hid 59 more.
    This feature can be turned on and off with the -r command line option.
    You can get the GPL'ed CVS version of the source code from:
    There is sample output et cetera at:
    The next step is to modify the display of the URBs so that they're closer
    to the Linux data structures.
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