28 August 2002

Here I am again… Still working on those slides for AUUG in my little spare time. I currently have a target of about 300 slides, and I have 89 done. The maths goes something like:

 Class time: 9AM to 5PM (8 hours elapsed)
 Lunch and breaks: 2 hours
 Total Mikal ranting time: 6 hours = 360 minutes
 Average time per slide: 1.5 minutes
 Number of slides needed: 240

The problem is that I have never given a tutorial this long before, and have no feel for how many questions the content is going to generate… This makes it very hard to judge what I should produce. The manual for the talk is about 360 pages… So even if I bugger up the talk itself, at least the customers have something they can walk away with.

Dr Dobbs is really bad at answering email. I think I am now writing an article for them…