27 October 2003

Busy, busy, busy

Well, I’ve started my three weeks leave, and I seem to be busier than I was before… I must admit that there’s less work to be doing though.

PhD application

Well, the draft is finalized, and off with the prospective supervisor for review. This is a good thing because the actual finished applications are due in at ANU at the end of the week.

This also leaves me some more time to focus on the exploratory coding I need to do.

COMP 2110 (Software Design)

We had a tutors meeting, and now I need to mark a huge mound of final assignments. There is a moderation meeting on Friday, so I need to put some effort into this sooner rather than later…

Handyman stuff

Did some basic handyman stuff as well, like fixing a gate, and getting some electrical stuff done with a Friend.


I even found some time to play with the kids.