26 November 2002

Well, an exam today (in the afternoon), and then all I have left on the todo list for this week is preparing for my CLUG talk, and my talk at the AUUG Canberra chapter mini-conference thingie. I think I care more about preparing for the mini-conference than I do for the LUG at this stage, as we already have four talks and a competition judging lined up for this month — we have no hope of getting through all of that in the normal time allocated, and people like to chat during pizza.

I suspect people wont be keen to listen to more talking during the pizza itself.

Once I have done the talk at the AUUG mini-conference, then I will be ready to announce to the general world what I have been working on (and am talking about). It is nothing special, but is a little quirky, and I wanted to let AUUG run with it first…